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Trackpack Trifecta-30

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The Ultimate 30-Liter Backpack for Efficiency and Style

Stay organized and carry your essentials with ease using the Trackpack Trifecta 30. This ergonomic backpack features three spacious compartments, easy access pockets, and a stylish design. Available in grey and blue, it combines functionality with fashion. Perfect for work, travel, or everyday use.

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Trackpack Features: Designed for Modern Explorers


Three Spacious Compartments

Water-Resistant Material

Breathable Air Mesh Material

The bag is designed with three separate compartments, allowing for efficient organization. The main compartment is large enough for textbooks and notebooks. The bag is made from a water-resistant fabric, protecting electronic devices and books from rain or accidental spills. The back panel is lined with air mesh, a breathable fabric that allows for air circulation. This helps in reducing the buildup of sweat and maintains comfort, especially during prolonged use or in warmer weather.


Craftsmanship You Can Trust: Uncompromising Quality in Every Trackpack Bag


Real world performance Tested for Durability

Lightweight, Water-Resistant Fabric for All-Weather Protection

18 Month service assurance against manufacturing defects

The Trackpack bags undergo rigorous real-world performance testing to ensure exceptional durability. This includes stress tests under various conditions, simulating everyday use to verify their resilience and longevity. The result is a range of bags you can trust for strength and reliability in all your activities. Trackpack bags are crafted with lightweight, water-resistant fabric, offering all-weather protection. This combination ensures that your belongings stay dry and secure, while the bag remains easy to carry, making it an ideal choice for everyday use in various weather conditions. Trackpack bags come with an 18-month service assurance, covering any manufacturing defects. This guarantee reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring that your Trackpack bag remains a reliable companion for your journeys.

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Weight 2.64 kg
Dimensions 55 × 4 × 60 cm


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  1. Pravel Suyal

    Received a great product at great price 👍😍

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